by The Friendly Vines

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A collection of songs which come from a place of temporal peace and beauty whose core is blighted with emotional and spiritual turmoil.



released November 25, 2013

Robert Summerhays: writing, production, music, lyrics (unless otherwise noted)
Meysell Quintana: Mixing/mastering, additional production on "You Have It"
Jay Hartmann: album art, lyrics on "Douse" and "Slow Stride"

"Artifacts" samples "What Me Worry" by St. Vincent

Recorded in American Fork, UT
Mixed/Mastered in Los Angeles, CA

Special thanks to Jay Hartmann for providing art and inspiration, and to Cameron Lewis for letting me record in his basement for two weeks.


tags: rock New York


all rights reserved


Continental Shelf Brooklyn, New York

songs, friends, grooves

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Track Name: Schenkerians
I miss being in a place where I did not wish I were somewhere else
I feel like I have to move but I have awful motion sickness help

When being in love gets boring what words do you use
What do you do when the good life bores you

True to myself, an illusion to you
Track Name: Douse
I was smitten and struck
And in some ways I'm still reeling
Still laughing and smiling and staring
And I still think about it

But I'm not sold and not lost
I'm not burning like Zelda not at all
I'm not dreaming but I'm smiling and staring
And I still think about it

I guess I'm convinced I will be
Lost, fallen, sold

And when I'm lying awake
Fighting for feelings in the dark
I get angry and sad
And think of her as something I could have

It's deathly quiet and people are sleeping
And I am gagged by their sleep
With no one to scream to
And i think of her as something I could...
I could...

All cruel and oppressive
With all the personal tenderness
Of an open wound
Leaking puss and blood
What I could...

I am straining to be still
But my neck tenses sorely
And I roll over
Thinking again and again
I might...

Unable or maybe unwilling to tear her
Away from my desire
The hunger of a war criminal
With all the grace of a free fall

I begin to think what it would be like to live underwater. I do this from time to time; picture myself sitting and breathing slowly under the weight of the water. I am cool and there are fragmented veins of light that come and touch me and remind me of where I was before. I was sitting in my room dreaming about her, and how I didn't love her.

I would dream about taking her places and talking. I would dream about taking her memories and her wishes and owning them myself. I would scare myself thinking about the times I might have with her, thinking about the me she might fall in love with. I might see myself happy with what I might become. I might finally see myself.
Track Name: Artifacts
I sat by the sink
Your beloved organs fought protesting
I took care of you
Remembering whose are whose

Love i felt, glitches and artifacts
Love i felt, glitches and artifacts

You two, you two sat in the room
Your beloved hearts pumping in tune
You couldn't see me
But you took care of me

Love i felt, glitches and artifacts
Love i felt, glitches and artifacts

Sunshine, sunshine
Track Name: Slow Stride
Slow stride
However prideful is
A walk half minded
When one’s mind is split.

In fog
And many slow mornings
Walk in clouded vision
When one’s mind is split.

Melodies are sometimes
Most delicate and graceful
Even in quick step and
Deliberate rhythm’s trance.

Sung like the peace in a bond
Like nights of Jane and Elizabeth’s
Sister sleep. peace in separate
And soul bound passions.

In fog
Now more than ever.
Thoughts are weakly doubted
When one’s mind is split.

Awake late at night in
Clearest darkness most serene
And most uncertainly between
An understood untethering

Or an indomitable loneliness
Standing around layers of
Falling white linen. they pour
Across stung rose like smoke

Graceful ink blots. sensible smog.
Spreading like stains in water.
One mind bore through by
Warmest red shrouded in blue.

Slow stride
A pendulum of thought
Arcs in agony
When one’s mind is split.
Track Name: You Have It
I lied to you
I lied to you so you would not think you were hurting me
And because I did not want to believe
You were capable of hurting me

You are soft and warm and I hate
That I accidentally equipped you with jagged edges
I hate that I gave you the power to hurt me

But now you have it
And you will use it
Whether you like it or not